Who We Are


Honey Pot Herbals is located on reclaimed Anishinaabe and Haudenosaune territories, known as Aazhoodena (also Stoney Point or Ipperwash) on the south eastern shores of Lake Huron. We are a family run business. 

The community at Stoney Point returned to their ancestral lands in the 1990s; lands which had been occupied by the Canadian military since 1942. The community at Stoney Point has since worked to reweave ancestral land connections, build community and create a self sufficient way of life on sovereign territory.

Martin Kewageshig completing the Long Walk for Home in 1993, from Aazhoodena to Ottawa. He walked the entire distance.

As a family we grow gardens, raise chickens, make maple syrup/sugar, hunt, fish and forage as part of a subsistence relationship to the land.  We seek to honour the wish of Martin Kewageshig’s grandmother, Pearl George, that the family grow gardens and live in a good way on the territories so that the children can grow up healthy, strong and without fear.

Honey Pot Herbals is the financial support for our way of life. Martin Kewageshig is a traditional peacekeeper (Ojibwe-Pottawatami/ Anishinaabe) who works within the community. Martin’s many lay skills- hunting, spear fishing, mechanical, electrical, carpentry, construction and his Indianuity facilitate our efforts to be self sufficient. Martin is a powwow dancer (Men’s Traditional). He makes most of his own regalia and crafts items for other dancers from time to time.

Martin Kewageshig

Joanne Kewageshig is a settler herbalist registered with the Ontario Herbalists Association. Joanne makes herbal products created from herbs we grow in our garden and traded or purchased from other herbalists and ethical suppliers. Joanne also facilitates workshops, offers consultations and apprenticeships and runs a Community Supported Herbalism Box. All fees for services are sliding scale and we accept barter exchange as well. Please inquire directly with us if you would like more information.

Joanne Kewageshig

Joanne has been studying and working with herbs for over 20 years. In 2000 she completed the Chartered Herbalist course from Dominion Herbal College in British Columbia and became a Registered Herbalist with the Ontario Herbalists Association in 2008.

Wading through the inland lakes.

Martin and Joanne have four children, two were born at home in Stoney Point. Our children are part of all that we do as we seek to nurture land based, ancestral skills in the next generation. Our family attends powwows, cultural and community events and lives a traditional Anishinaabe way of life, Mino Bimaadsawin, to the best of our ability in the modern world. Heeding advice of traditional Indigenous and Black activists, Joanne has been learning about her Euro ancestry and pre-christian traditions, which include Germanic/Norse and Finno-Ugric. You will find some of Joanne’s writings about that on our blog. “Its my hope that in learning about and feeding these old traditions in the modern world, we can all be (re)gifted with the tools, skills and knowledge to humbly live a life that is more compassionate, just and sustainable. I want to offer the tools of my ancestors as tools of liberation and justice.”

Storing harvested herbs and herbal preparations.

Our home and apothecary is an old army barrack. We have modified, torn down and reconstructed parts of the building to make it more livable and comfortable. We installed wood stoves and kitchens. We added gardens around our home and grow a variety of foods and medicines and are learning to save seed. We gather maple sap and make syrup and sugar in the spring, hunt, work hides and are always trying something new! For pics, please visit our gallery.

Education (Joanne Kewageshig)

Honours Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and International Studies, University of Waterloo
Chartered Herbalist, Dominion Herbal College
Grandmothers Medicine Bag (Two day workshop with Mohawk healer Kayanderes)
Vital Health and Hygeine, Alternative Medicine College of Canada
Herbal First Aid, Learning Herbs
Introduction to Animal Herbalism, Instructed by Cat Lane of the Possible Canine.

The boys at a powwow.
The boys at a powwow.
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