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Members of our Herb Share receive a box filled with lovingly crafted herbal teas, soaps, syrups, elixirs, salves and potions, every three months!

December 2018 Herb Box

Join the Herb Share and you will:

• Build your herbal medicine cabinet;

• Learn how local plants can support your health;

• Recieve mentoring from a Registered Herbalist;

• Deepen your knowledge and appreciation of relationships between plants, people and the environment;

• Join our family’s reanimation of an ecological and self-sufficient subsistence way of life 

When you subscribe, each box is mailed to you in March, June, September and December! You can purchase a sample box, or subscribe for a year.

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Boxes are mailed out on the following days:

March 5
June 5
September 5
December 5

To see what was in previous boxes, click here.

August 2018 Herb Box

Need to know more? Read the Details!

Each Box is filled with handcrafted herbal products to maintain and enhance your family’s health. Each Box contains a mix of:

 Soaps, Lotions & Salves: These are crafted with “infused oils” which means that herbs have been soaked in sunflower, olive or coconut oil to extract the plants healing properties into the oil and then carefully strained out. These oils are used to make the soaps, lotions and salves.

Teas: Herbal teas are crafted from homegrown and locally harvested wild plants. Teas are a traditional way to take herbal medicines and consuming tea is common to all cultures.

Tinctures, Syrups, Vinegars and Oxymels: Tinctures are concentrated liquid extracts of herbs taken by “drop doses” for their medicinal qualities. Tinctures are easily taken with you and provide a quick and convenient way to take herbal medicines. Syrups are made by soaking herbs in honey. Vinegars are infused with herbs and make delicious garnishes and marinades. Oxymels are a combination of both herbal honeys and vinegars.

Instructions: Each box comes with a full colour pamphlet which explains what each product is and how to use it.

Guidance: Still uncertain of how to use the products? No problem! You can ask Joanne about the products via email, phone, text or through Facebook.

Each Box will contain a retail value of $45 or more worth of herbal products. A fee for shipping is added to the cost. Each Box is mailed directly to you.  You can purchase one box or subscribe for a whole year (four boxes).

Some Boxes from 2017

Community Supported Agriculture >>>> Community Supported Herbalism

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is an alternative means of food distribution which connects people who buy food directly to the farmers who grow and produce food.

Community Supported Herbalism is an extension of the CSA idea to plant based healing. Community Supported Herbalism connects people who want to use herbal medicine directly with the herbalist who grows, gathers and makes the medicine. A healthy environment from which we harvest our food and medicine leads to healthy people and healthy communities.

CSAs began in North America in the 1980’s. More recently, Community Supported Herbalism projects, or CSHs have begun to spring up in the United States and in Canada. Now, Honey Pot Herbals offers a CSH – our Family Herb Box- out of Lambton County, from our family run herb farm and apothecary located at Stoney Point First Nation.

October 2016 - Goldenrod - Chamomile Tea, Elderberry Syrup, Eucalyptus Mint Soap, Breathe Easy Salve.
October 2016 – Goldenrod – Chamomile Tea, Elderberry Syrup, Eucalyptus Mint Soap, Breathe Easy Salve.

All products are made from organically grown and ethically wildcrafted herbs by Registered Herbalist Joanne Kewageshig.

If you ordered a subscription, or if you haven’t yet but would like to, please download this CSH pamphlet. If you have any questions, please email csa@honeypotherbals.ca

Local customers can also use this form to order your subscription. A paypal bill will be sent to you unless you request another form of payment (i.e. cash, email transfer or personal cheque)

If you have any questions or would like to purchase a share by other means, please contact us directly:

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